Abbey Mueller Local Louisville KY Artist

Meet Abbey the Artist

Abbey Mueller has been an innovator and artist since childhood. She experiments and plays freely with colors like a child so she can create with an unparalleled imagination. Not only is Abbey a master painter, but she also serves as a life coach for little girls and moms, teaching them courage, love, and, of course, art through her Louisville-based nonprofit Abigail Academy, which she launched in 2007. 

Abbey’s life experiences have helped shape her modern and contemporary art. Having lived in Manhattan right after 9/11, she interacted with New Yorkers during a time when the community came together to rebuild the great American city. It was there that Abbey overcame her drug and alcohol addiction, started the research for her nonprofit, and absorbed the cultural and spiritual alignment of the arts. From Broadway excursions to Upper East Side living to an internship at New York City’s ABC Carpet and Home, Abbey witnessed the global cultures collide that ignited something in her that would live forever: a desire to help people and celebrate beauty.

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