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Handpainted Ornaments Photo
Handpainted Ornaments Photo

Handpainted Ornaments Photo

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Handcrafted and photographed by Courtney Snyder. Measures 40" x 24".

About the artist:  Hand painted, assembled and photographed by Courtney Snyder

Most of these paints are from a renovation project my husband and I did nine years ago. We bought a dark and dusty condo in a Butcher town mansion (circa 1855)
and sold a house we were happy in.  We were hoping to make the best of a difficult situation. We also hoped to have a baby, though were not bold enough to plan on this.  On the day we sold our four bedroom home for a one bedroom condo, we happily learned I was pregnant.  With these paints and a 9 foot ladder we transformed the condo and I suppose our lives.  When we left E. Washington St., I had closed my psychiatric practice, was an at home mom wondering what could be done with left over paint, my husband had begun a new career and our daughter was getting ready to walk.
In these colors and shapes, I see the nest we created..
I see the unexpected turns our lives took that have brought us to where we are now.